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Baby Bowen

Feeling Distressed, Baby Constantly Crying?

Tried Everything to Soothe Your Little One?

In these ‘common’ times of need when baby is distressed Baby Bowen can make an immediate difference!

As of June 12th 2023 I will not be taking on new bowen clients

Service as normal for existing or previous clients.

Your baby has been curled up inside a small space - getting ever smaller - until he or she is born. Babies work hard on that short journey down the birth canal.

Imagine, childbirth puts tremendous pressure on the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage (musculoskeletal system) of both you and baby. Whichever type of delivery occurred; natural, forceps, caesarean etc, all can cause physical trauma. 

Reasons why a new-born or toddler can benefit from Baby Bowen:

  • Birth trauma
  • Neck restriction
  • Colic or Reflux
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Respiratory problems
  • Nervous or anxious babies
  • Constipation, bloating, wind
  • Difficult to settle, restless, sleepless
  • Balance and wellbeing

You can be be assured that Baby Bowen has no side effects or contra-indications. Due to its gently nature, the sooner the Baby Bowen is given the better.

All babies are different, and the number of treatments required depends upon the complexity of their problems. Some babies respond after just one session and others may need more. Baby Bowen sessions take approximately 15 minutes and results can be immediate

Ideally, come with baby as soon as possible post birth, where significant improvement can be seen as baby is very sensitive, responding quickly to the minimal moves and pressure Baby Bowen offers.

Effects frequently seen in infants during Baby Bowen treatment:

  • Calm, peaceful
  • Drowsy, falling asleep
  • Passing wind and filling nappies effortlessly
  • Laughing
  • No crying

He’s been such a different baby since, doesn’t even struggle with his acid reflux now. He is such a happy baby which is what I wanted.

D.B Portsmouth

Here are some helpful Baby Bowen FAQs

Is Bowen Technique suitable for pregnancy?

Bowen Technique is suitable for all ages and stages of life. It can be carried out safely throughout pregnancy and helps to relieve pregnancy symptoms relaxing mum as well as preparing her body for childbirth.

What is Baby Bowen Technique?

Baby Bowen is a series of exceedingly gentle, yet very effective movements made with fingertips and applied to baby's back and front. Bowen also works by rebalancing the nervous system allowing baby’s body to calm and realign naturally. 

How can Baby Bowen support my baby?

Baby Bowen is used to support recovery from a range of issues from birth trauma, feeding or digestive problems such as colic or reflux, and sleeping difficulties. Bowen can also help with feeding, teething and is great for restless and sleepless babies.

What is Colic?

Colic is a common and familiar term used to cover any internal discomfort that baby might be suffering from and is usually the first challenge for both parents and baby!
As babies grow and their digestive system matures the colic usually disappears. Baby Bowen can help shorten the amount of time it takes to settle as it releases tension within the body and is very effective at releasing the diaphragm.
Some of the symptoms of Colic include:
Prolonged crying with no relief
Irritable, angry, anxious
Red faced, clenched fists clenched, knees flexed
Bloated and hard tummy
Intestinal muscle spasms
Wind and gas
Sleeplessness, restlessness
Symptoms appear at the same time daily
Symptoms also disappear as quickly as they come

What is Reflux?

Colic symptoms are often mixed up with Reflux symptoms. Reflux (gastro-oesophageal reflux) is when acid from the stomach and contents going in, essentially clash with and a backrush coming up the eating tube (oesophagus) back into the mouth. This is most likely seen in the form of an undigested milky vomit.

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