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Useful things for your delection

On here I am putting anything I have found helpful or that clients tell me they have found helpful.

Have a look, try something out and if it works for you great, and if not, ditch it. There is no one size fits all.

Donna Eden is probably the best known energy practitioner. In this short video she has put together a kind of maximum effect for minimum effort so a five minute routine that for me, has been brilliant but try it for yourself. Like all things give it a few chances so you can really know if it works for you.

I know the video is longer than 5 mins but once you know the routine you can do it yourself in 5 minutes easily.

Prune Harris is one of the top Donna Eden energy practitioners it the UK and her she explains how to work with the neurolymphatics – excellent to do if you are ill but even better to do regularly and keep yourself in tip top health.

Prune again explaining how to trace your meridians.  Different meridians are most active at different times of the day and if you can start the sequence  when that meridian is most active, so much the better. If you travel to a different time zone, tracing our meridians in synch with the new time zone will help you deal with jet lag.

You know when something really winds you up and you are so angry but can’t express  -  your boss wouldn’t like it…. Find somewhere quiet and us this Expelling the Venom exercise demonstrated by Dondi Dahlin who is one of Donna Eden’s daughters.

Breathing – our breath can change our physiology and this 4-7-8 breathing is a good practice and can be very useful if you can’t sleep. Having said that, I personally think this is quite and advanced breathing exercise so please try something a bit easier and build up to this if you feel it’s too much.

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