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BLAST Technique®

How BLAST Technique® Can Help You Heal from the effects of a Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias or Addictions

Does emotional trauma from your past still affect your life today? Do you want to release and resolve it? Through BLAST Technique® it’s entirely possible to re-programme negative emotions from past events and resolve them!

Sue Woodriffe - Advanced BLAST technique Practitioner

The BLAST Technique® (Bi-Lateral Analysis and Stimulation Treatment) started its incarnation in 2008 with its creator, leading International Hypnotherapist and Media Body Language Expert Nick Davies. Drawing from the research of neuroscientists and neuropsychologists he succeeded in speeding up the process and efficacy of PTSD and trauma treatment for a more efficient experience.

Situations that can create PTSD, Complex PTSD or Trauma:
  • Sexual assualts
  • Physical assualts
  • Child abuse
  • War
  • Robbery
  • Mugging
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Relationship abuse
  • Natural Disaster
  • Diagnosis with a life threatening illness

Other conditions for which BLAST Technique® can be useful

  • Anxiety
  • General anxiery disorder
  • Depression
  • Postnatal depression
  • Traumatic birth
  • Addiction
  • Phobias
  • Cravings
  • Bullying
  • Jealousy, anger, rage, guilt, shame, grief
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship breakdown

How Does BLAST Technique® Work?

The brain processes experiences and memories through the emotional right hemisphere of the brain and then through the logical left hemisphere of the brain. Normal everyday events pass though the thalamus both sides of the brain to be processed via the corpus callosum which is midline in the brain.

PTSD and trauma are believed stored or frozen in the right side of the brain without completing the processing cycle and making it overactive, as if there is an immediate threat. 

This is how people can continuously suffer with regular flashbacks, nightmares, or night terrors - it’s due to the memory or event not completing the normal processing cycle.

BLAST helps the brain to complete the processing by way of an eye movement technique!

The process is very gentle, using a light pen with eye movement to release the trauma. Once the technique is complete my client becomes emotionally desensitised from the event. Most single layer trauma can be released in just one session, whereas more complex multi-layers are likely to take longer.

BLAST Technique®

I came to you because I have Claustrophobia.

With each session using the BLAST Technique ® the degree of my claustrophobia decreased. I was surprised to notice that situations that would trigger me no longer did.

It was an amazing experience working with you and you created a place of safety and made it easy to work my issue. The results speak for themself. Thank you.

I highly recommend your services to anyone that wants to overcome their obstacles whatever they might be. I truly appreciate your professionalism and way of working and caring.

Sandra Bensaude, Portugal

BLAST Technique®

"I find Sue to be warm safe and reassuring as well as compassionate, professional and knowledgeable with many tools she can work with.

I was really struggling to be able to deal rationally with an issue with my rented flat as I was being triggered into childhood issues . I found that there was an immediate reduction in my trauma response to the issue anxiety, fight/ flight and freeze response – this made it much easier for me to then deal with the practical matters at hand.  I highly recommend Sue and BLAST (TECHNIQUE®) therapy as a rapid effective way to reduce debilitating trauma responses in the body."

Jane R  - London

Now I can think more clearly and be more productive.

"Since I was very small, I have lived with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have felt cold. The first 2 sessions I had did not seem to make much difference but using BLAST and other techniques we uncovered some major setbacks that caused the issues. Now I don’t feels so cold or frightened by cold, and I have a lot more energy and we also cleared my fear attack which was big for me. Now I can think more clearly and be more productive. Even now if I had a problem I would reach out to you, either to help me or to guide me to a specialist."

SM - Portsmouth

SM - Portsmouth

Helpful BLAST Technique® FAQs

Can I Have BLAST Technique® Remotely?

A BLAST session is equally effective over Zoom or similar as it does if we are in the same room

What symptoms can benefit from BLAST Technique®?

BLAST can offer relief from the symptoms of PTSD and trauma plus any from the list of other conditions above. The BLAST Technique can also help you to uncover and resolve the root cause of negative feelings or emotions.  

How many BLAST sessions will I need?

Our initial consultation will enable me to answer more thoroughly as it really depends on the problem.

Who is BLAST Technique suitable for?

BLAST is suitable for most people.

As one of a small number of Advanced BLAST Technique® practitioners in the world today, I would love to help you to recover. There’s no need to be trapped in survival mode, it’s time to start living again!

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Release your emotional trauma & physical pain

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