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EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique has been described as acupuncture without needles and as a Cognitive Somatic Energy Modality. However you describe it there is mounting scientific evidence that it works as well as years of anecdotal evidence. Basically it involves tapping on meridian points. You are welcome to download my Tapping Guide.

Dr David Feinstein published a paper in May 2019  in the  Energy Psychology journal where he surveyed the published data  and concluded:

Sue Woodriffe EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Protocols that utilize acupoint tapping have been shown to be effective with a wide range of conditions and to be significantly more effective than otherwise identical protocols that substitute acupoint tapping with an alternative such as diaphragmatic breathing or tapping on ‘sham’ points (Church, Stapleton, Young & Gallo -2018).

In short tapping itself has been shown to be a potent therapeutic component of the approach.

Much research is now being done on the effectiveness of EFT and you can see here in graphic form a summary of some of the findings and a video showing how the brain waves change during tapping thanks to  Dr Pete Stapleton of Bond University, Australia

Physiological Markers ENGLISH

Dr Stapleton has also used MRI scans to show the difference in brain activity relating to food cravings.

If you want any more evidence you can check out EFT Universe and ACEP.

Matrix Reimprinting was created by Karl Dawson (with whom I trained) and uses EFT in a specific way where we can work with our younger selves. Used skilfully this can resolve trauma and find those deep seated beliefs that we usually create in childhood and often don’t serve us very well as adults.

birth reimprinting

Sharon King took the technique and now teaches how to use it specifically to deal with pregnancy and birth. Using Matrix Birth Reimprinting, birth traumas can be resolved and amazingly the relationship between mothers and their adult children can be affected to.  

Your relationship with you own mother can be healed by reimprinting your own birth though I would not recommend doing this until you have healed any current issues you have with your Mum!

1:1 Sessions

I came to see Sue with Complex PTSD and a massive dollup of anxiety. These problems were well entrenched and having been to several other therapists I was cynical as to the results we would achieve. I had also developed a dislike of therapy and probably therapists!

Sue put me at my ease totally and accepted who I was and where I was in my headspace. My anxiety reduced and we did some meaningful work together to get me to a better place and give me the skills to cope better in my future life. I felt totally supported by Sue and she understood more about where I was and how we could do this (I was quite a mess).

She did this with amazing work and in a way that was geared to my benefit and no judgement on her behalf. I was given homework and this I engaged with which helped me beyond my own expectations.

In these difficult times I am grateful for the work we did as it is helping me with lockdown and the new restrictions in life. I am very grateful for the new skills and a more positive outlook I now own!

Sally of Fareham
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