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Sound Treatment

Sound Treatment Using Tuning Forks

Sound treatments can take place in person or on a video call.

As the client you would be sitting and/or lying down fully clothed.

Prior to any soundwork we just need to make sure that there is nothing that that would cause any problems as there are a few things that would make a sound treatment unsuitable.

I was feeling stuck, had the feeling that something was preventing my project from happening. After receiving   a distant sound work session from Sue I immediately felt confident,  good to be alive and for  the first time in my life felt like I ‘belong’. Then in two or three days my project took off . Thank you Sue.

Elisa Azcarreta - Portugal
Our bodies are about 60% water and you can see the tuning fork in water here,

We all respond to sound. A siren can make you go into an alert state, a piece of music can change you mood, a baby crying demands out attention, fireworks going off can make make someone 'jump' or maybe dive under the nearest table...

Using tuning forks the sounds can cause deep relaxation and in this state the body can respond as it feels to, guided by the body's own innate intelligence, to release muscular tension, aches and pains

The mind can also 'relax' which facilitates the release of old patterns, helping you to be more present in the here and now.

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Release your emotional trauma & physical pain

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