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"When I first met Sue I had been all but bed ridden for nearly four years with chronic Lyme disease, which had seriously affected my A level grades, and progressed to the point where I was basically just existing. Through a combination of Bowen, META health and EFT work I went from having little hope of ever getting better and getting on with my life, to being able to manage my Lyme symptoms without needing antibiotics and completing my first year at university with a 2:1. Sue continued to work with and support me via Skype when I was away from home. I cannot thank this wonderful woman enough for everything she’s done for me in terms of helping me deal with my health problems and giving me the confidence to get out there and actually live my life. If you feel like everything has failed you and nothing will work, I recommend at least giving this a try; I walked into this with little expectation of success, and I’m very happy to report that in my case I was wrong."

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Please note I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose physical or mental health conditions. Neither can I prescribe or advise on medication.
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