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BLAST Technique®

"I find Sue to be warm safe and reassuring as well as compassionate, professional and knowledgeable with many tools she can work with.

I was really struggling to be able to deal rationally with an issue with my rented flat as I was being triggered into childhood issues . I found that there was an immediate reduction in my trauma response to the issue anxiety, fight/ flight and freeze response – this made it much easier for me to then deal with the practical matters at hand.  I highly recommend Sue and BLAST (TECHNIQUE®) therapy as a rapid effective way to reduce debilitating trauma responses in the body."

Jane R  - London

Bowen Technique

"I have found Bowen to be very helpful and Sue to be a consummate professional with a heartfelt compassionate and caring approach to her clients. After various riding accidents over the years my body has responded with aches and pains in protest. Since my Bowen treatments I have been able to move with greater ease and flexibility. I thoroughly recommend Sue as practitioner."

Georgina - Hampshire

1:1 Sessions

I came to see Sue with Complex PTSD and a massive dollup of anxiety. These problems were well entrenched and having been to several other therapists I was cynical as to the results we would achieve. I had also developed a dislike of therapy and probably therapists!

Sue put me at my ease totally and accepted who I was and where I was in my headspace. My anxiety reduced and we did some meaningful work together to get me to a better place and give me the skills to cope better in my future life. I felt totally supported by Sue and she understood more about where I was and how we could do this (I was quite a mess).

She did this with amazing work and in a way that was geared to my benefit and no judgement on her behalf. I was given homework and this I engaged with which helped me beyond my own expectations.

In these difficult times I am grateful for the work we did as it is helping me with lockdown and the new restrictions in life. I am very grateful for the new skills and a more positive outlook I now own!

Sally of Fareham

Bowen Technique

This morning I am remembering the many sessions of Bowen I have received from Sue for back pain and my sacro-illiac/hip/pelvic girdle pain.... Bowen has always been brilliant for recurrent back issues and Sue's total allowance of my emotional state whatever that was and her ability to witness and hold the vision of my potential has been a potent force along my healing journey.

This winter I contracted a lung infection that went on for 2.5 months. I didnt know that Bowen could also be utilised to unstick lungs....once Sue got hold of me, it took just two sessions of Bowen to free up my congested, contracted chest and lungs.

Wondering what else Bowen with Sue can facilitate?

A gracious bow to you Ms Woodriffe and blessings on your practice, muchos gratitude and appreciation.

Rachel Castagne

Bowen Technique

I went to see Sue with stiffness and pain in the left side of neck, which had resulted from a strained muscle.

At first the neck strain appeared to intensify but after a couple of, deep, sessions the problem did get better, I also had a series of ‘emotional release’s’ which I can only say were an added and expected bonus of the treatment.

Sue instantly made me feel relaxed and talked me through the treatment she would be carrying out, I found the Bowen treatment to be an amazing experience and have since recommended Sue to many of my friends and colleagues.

Leanne Gates, Gosport

1:1 Sessions

I was experiencing an intense fear of flying and death.

I was almost surprised at how much Sue genuinely cared about the issues I was experiencing.  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and I felt very safe throughout the process.

Working with Sue, I found she was able to zone in on such specific roots to some of the issues I was experiencing.  Session to session, there was a measurable change in my anxiety regarding flying.  While my fears are not totally gone, prior to my sessions with Sue I had all but decided to never fly again; with the tools Sue has taught me during our sessions, I now feel as though I can continue to travel with my family.

Even without taking into account any of the tapping therapy I worked on with Sue, speaking with her weekly was some of the best therapy I’ve ever had.

Jack Kempton  Farnham, Surrey

1:1 Sessions

"I had many sessions with Sue whilst going through breast cancer and she was friendly, unshockable, intuitive and skilled - all very important attributes when you are going through something so harsh. Sue was invaluable in helping me cope with all the stages that I went through; the diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and beyond. I am very grateful and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.."

Shirley – Brighton

Bowen Technique

"Sue Woodriffe has the lightest, kindest touch in her hands and an intuitive measure with which she performs Bowen. As I write this, I can hardly believe that there was a time when I shuffled through her doors, hardly able to move with back pain, as her treatment of me has now given me such freedom in movement and put me back in the flow. What a gift she has. Thank you Sue"

Theresa Clemo, Locks Heath

1:1 Session

"I will always be grateful that I was advised to go to Sue, even though I thought I only had one issue to deal with. I knew a bit about EFT and Matrix and didn't think they could work over Skype - but, believe me, they can. In her calm, non-judgemental way Sue delved into what I thought were small or silly childhood issues that I had never really talked about or even realised were a problem. She helped that small person to understand that she was safe. Many of my issues were over travel and leaving my home. I am so delighted to say that since our sessions I not only went away four times in a short period, but that I looked forward to going; found it easy to leave the house without that 'dread in the pit of my stomach' feeling; and calmly boarded an aeroplane on several occasions. There has been a positive knock-on effect of feeling generally much more confident too. I looked forward to our sessions and discovering more about what makes me tick. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sue to help with any issues - big or small. She has a wealth of knowledge in so many areas. Commit to sessions and see where it takes you. You may be surprised at the change Sue can make to your whole life."


BLAST Technique®

I came to you because I have Claustrophobia.

With each session using the BLAST Technique ® the degree of my claustrophobia decreased. I was surprised to notice that situations that would trigger me no longer did.

It was an amazing experience working with you and you created a place of safety and made it easy to work my issue. The results speak for themself. Thank you.

I highly recommend your services to anyone that wants to overcome their obstacles whatever they might be. I truly appreciate your professionalism and way of working and caring.

Sandra Bensaude, Portugal

He’s been such a different baby since . . . Baby Bowen

He’s been such a different baby since, doesn’t even struggle with his acid reflux now. He is such a happy baby which is what I wanted.

D.B Portsmouth

Sound using Tuning Forks

I was feeling stuck, had the feeling that something was preventing my project from happening. After receiving   a distant sound work session from Sue I immediately felt confident,  good to be alive and for  the first time in my life felt like I ‘belong’. Then in two or three days my project took off . Thank you Sue.

Elisa Azcarreta - Portugal

1:1 Session

"Thank you for making a loving safe space and guiding my steps on my healing journey - what an excellent session"

Shree Cameron - Emsworth

Bowen Technique

I have on-going issue with sciatica. I’d been suffering with it for over two years and had 3 x epidurals in order to help cure the problem with varying results.

I didn’t really expect much to be honest and was skeptical about the results. In the past I’ve had physio and seen an osteopath and there was no respite offered here. I was wrong to think like this about having Bowen as this has been one of the few treatments that brought about a change.

I got excellent help from Sue, she offered me advice on what the problems is and where the problem lies and the treatment that I could expect, it’s all about the Psoas.

Carl from Cosham

1:1 Sessions

She gave me my dream and more...

I went to Sue when I was 2 ½ stone overweight, suffering from anxiety that meant I had no confidence, terrified of flying and nervous in social situations and my daughter’s wedding was coming up with a hen do to Marbella!

If it wasn’t for there being no way out of going I would probably never had done anything about how small my life was because I had tried in the past with other therapists and it hadn’t worked  - but I am so glad I did.

From the start of our sessions via skype or zoom Sue put me at ease. She was professional but relaxed too. I felt I was in safe hands.

Karen Koefman wedding dressShe started off getting me to dream about what I wanted rather being fixated on my fears which was new to me and that’s where the first photo from a magazine came in. I loved everything about it, but it was so far from me I forgot it!

Sue gently and expertly helped me find the reasons behind each of my fears, so I didn’t feel stupid any longer. I have had some fairly huge stressful events over recent years and Sue helped me transform the power of them but the biggest surprise was when I felt safe enough to finally go back to being abused when I was small - something I had completely suppressed, and without any pain change how I viewed. It changed everything.

Karen Koefman at WeddingGradually I found myself doing more and more and feeling great doing it. I not only got on the plane to Marbella, I was the life and soul at the hen do! The weight fell away, I felt healthier that I had in years and the wedding day went beyond my expectations because I turned up as me not trying to be what I thought I should be.

The best bit was when I saw the wedding photos afterwards and realised that Sue had helped me almost exactly get my dream and I couldn’t have done it with anyone else.

Karen Koefman, Wokingham


Sue worked on my scars from 53 years ago. I have noticed how much smoother they are and the appearance has changed as they don't seem to dominate the whole area as they always did. My breathing capacity has increased in addition my keep fit teacher has commented that my movements have increased. I am able to do certain exercises I couldn't do before.

Elaine Surrey - Horndean

1:1 Session

Thank you so much - I often feel frustration working with other practitioners as they put words in my mouth or try to override me/control where we 'go'. I have to say it has been a delight working with someone who doesn't do any of that, but who simply supports me in going where I need to go, and occassionally offers guidance where I am a little stuck. Thank you for giving me space to go through my own process! It has been profound and I appreciate it enormously!

Taruni - Wales

1:1 Session

"I contacted Sue because I needed to work through something that had been troubling me for a long time and I had not been ready to face it. As a result, after only 5 sessions, I have seen some incredible changes in my life and feel so much freer of the issue.
She is gentle, intuitive and always creates a safe space for you. I also love her brilliant sense of humour which made me feel very comfortable in every single session. Sue is a very gifted practitioner, an incredible woman and I am very grateful to have met and worked with her. "

A Patterson - London

Now I can think more clearly and be more productive.

"Since I was very small, I have lived with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have felt cold. The first 2 sessions I had did not seem to make much difference but using BLAST and other techniques we uncovered some major setbacks that caused the issues. Now I don’t feels so cold or frightened by cold, and I have a lot more energy and we also cleared my fear attack which was big for me. Now I can think more clearly and be more productive. Even now if I had a problem I would reach out to you, either to help me or to guide me to a specialist."

SM - Portsmouth

SM - Portsmouth

1:1 Sessions

“I was on Westminster Bridge during the attacks a couple of years ago. I found I was having problems afterwards with any loud noise, especially sirens which were triggering me back to the event.

I’ve worked with Sue via Skype which I found to be excellent. She was incredibly calm, understanding and knowledgeable, I immediately felt comfortable talking to her. The sound triggering completely stopped and hasn’t ever come back. I live in London so loud noises and sirens are around all the time, after my session I went back to barely noticing them. Sue was also amazing at explaining what had happened to my brain during this trauma, we worked through the event step by step and I felt a weight lift that hasn’t come back since. I was also given some tapping techniques and phrases by Sue which I continued to do afterwards to help any time I felt slightly triggered, these have been incredibly useful. “

Sarah Kempton. London

1:1 Sessions

"When I first met Sue I had been all but bed ridden for nearly four years with chronic Lyme disease, which had seriously affected my A level grades, and progressed to the point where I was basically just existing. Through a combination of Bowen, META health and EFT work I went from having little hope of ever getting better and getting on with my life, to being able to manage my Lyme symptoms without needing antibiotics and completing my first year at university with a 2:1. Sue continued to work with and support me via Skype when I was away from home. I cannot thank this wonderful woman enough for everything she’s done for me in terms of helping me deal with my health problems and giving me the confidence to get out there and actually live my life. If you feel like everything has failed you and nothing will work, I recommend at least giving this a try; I walked into this with little expectation of success, and I’m very happy to report that in my case I was wrong."

Row, now based in Cheshire!

1:1 Session

"Sue has really helped me with some deep-seated family issues using EFT and Matrix work, both in person and through Skype sessions. Since starting this work, I have been able to start properly talking to the people concerned. She is highly non-judgemental and has always made me feel protected throughout. I would highly recommend her for any sort of emotional or personal problems."

A Clifton – London
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